Michigan Autonomous Aerial Vehicles

What is MAAV?
MAAV strives to be the premiere Unmanned Aerial Vehicle organization at the University of Michigan. Our goal is to challenge our members' technical creativity and engineering capabilities by competing in the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC).

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Members engage in designing, manufacturing, programming, and testing every aspect of a small, autonomous quadrotor.

Covering all
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Members gain experience and apply skills in areas such as structural design and manufacturing, embedded programming, control theory, navigation and mapping, and computer vision.


Students only get out what they put into an experience. That's why MAAV gives all members the freedom to pursue whatever relevant projects that interest them to ensure the perfect learning experience.

What is

Learn more about the International Aerial Robotics Competition's current mission rules—as well as past missions—by clicking here.

Our engineering team is divided into four subteams.


All of MAAV's major structural components are made in-house. We design and fabricate aluminum airframe molds allowing us to create strong and light-weight airframes that can hold up during aggressive manuvers.


MAAV engineers team up to design hardware and circuits that make up the pipelines through which all of the electrical components interact.


Quadrotors require an accurate, high-speed control algorithm to achieve stable flight. This allows the on-board computers to adjust the motors and guide the vehicle.


In order to add autonomous capabilities to our quadrotor, we design and implement computer algorithms that allow it to traverse its environment.

Meet our team leads!

Jose Gomez

By far the second funniest member of MAAV, Jose is a pretty classy guy and pretty good at structures. Whatever that means.

Jonathan Kurzer

This guy you have to see to believe. When you get him behind a breadboard he is unstoppable.

Sajan Patel

With a name like Sajan Patel you know this kid has to be pretty smart. If you're looking to make a vehicle automous, this is your man.

Alec Ten Harmsel

Or in Alec speak, "01000001 01101100 01100101 01100011 00100000."

Here at MAAV our number one priority is to get our little guy to soar, but that wouldn't be possible without the help of our sponsors.If you're interested in sponsoring us, please contact Jose Gomez at
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